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The International Confederation of Art Critics (ICAC), based in London, is an ever growing community of professionals qualified in History of Art, Curatorial Studies and other related fields. Members are academics, journalists and graduates who are involved in the art world.


The role of an ICAC critic consists in examining, critically interpreting and translating the complex language of a visual artwork into words suited to extrapolating its artistic merits as well as situating it within the current artistic landscape. In this way, the artwork is made more accessible, intelligible and compelling to the public at large. Art critics function, therefore, as the trait d’union between the artist and its creations on the one hand and art collectors and the Art world more generally on the other. Importantly, the aim of the art critic is not to emphasise the negative aspects of an artwork, but rather to give it not only visual but also theoretical depth, thereby elevating its stature. Our selection process involves a prior evaluation of artistic skill and merit, which is viewed as a qualitative guarantee among collectors and art professionals. 


Artists, both established and emerging, have difficulty achieving the right level of visibility and communicating the insights of their art to the art world in the right way.  Academic writing is therefore a fundamental part in the communication and in the unveiling of art. With the use of articles and essays - whether journalistic or academic, printed or on-line - our critics will allow your art to shine.




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