Aase Birkhaug: The Healing Rose by Timothy Warrington

aase birkhaug art artist critique timothy warringtonWith the organic remedies of the natural world at the heart of her works, Aase Birkhaug specialises in drawing and painting magnificent roses as the virtuous reticence of nature continuously provides her with a wealth of creative and spiritual inspiration. The wonderfully skilled rose painter from Bergen, Norway applies a wide variety of mediums to her canvases ranging from oil, watercolour, acrylic and tempera and has been fervently expressing the rhythm of her soul for twenty nine years via her collection of splendid rose paintings; the artist’s breathtaking still life paintings possess the unequivocal ability to transform any setting into a surrounding that is saturated with an abundance of tranquility, which has lead to Birkhaug’s acquisition of many international awards.
Birkhaug has a true affinity with the organic world and invokes through each of her pieces the belief that roses and their vibrant hues have a healing power that can contribute to our well being and state of mind. Subtly integrating shades of pink that cascade into blushing reds fill Birkhaug’s audience with a joyfully calm sense as her delightful compositions emanate a cerebrally engaging positive aura. Birkhaug’s compositional elements present an academic understanding of nature’s ornate nuances, reflective of Frederick Judd Waugh and Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s graceful exploration of flowers. Birkhaug’s art has the intent and intrinsic capability of ameliorating the spectator, whilst simultaneously radiating the most extreme and captivating beauty; her expressive creations are so sophisticatedly absolute in their execution that the observer can almost sense the sweet scent of the flora, which enables them to transcend their surroundings and enter a personal place in their mind full of serenity.
Aase Birkhaug’s passion for painting flowers conjures similarities to the work of Georgia O'Keeffe as both artists remarkably succeed in conveying the impeccable detail of each petal in their floral compositions. Birkhaug attentively examines the flower in every aspect and captures the various perspectives of the subject by exhibiting the uniqueness of every rose; the characteristics of each of its petals are fully explored which allows the viewer to wholly appreciate and absorb the individual delicate components of the blossoming flora. Birkhaug has the unique ability to stimulate the observer to view the roses that she depicts with a fresh perspective. Indeed, her flawless technique and exquisite brushwork evoke great emotion in anyone who experiences her extraordinary creations, as a peaceful wave of energy washes over the spectator as they gaze upon these glorious artworks.
It is possible to detect the influence of Vincent Van Gogh in Birkhaug’s works as their floral paintings share an expressive process in which shapes and forms are soft and full of movement whilst possessing a vigorous use of colour. Their diaphanous and mild portrayals are pleasing to they eye and emit a soothing energy to their environment, whilst displaying an erudite synergy with the Impressionists.
Roses symbolise passion, purity and beauty, all of which are elements that Birkhaug tastefully and eloquently conveys through her artwork by communicating to the viewer in a language that transmits universal human emotions. Birkhaug intelligently connects those observing her art through a mutual sensation that mirrors the romantic connection between man and nature.