Alan Colombage - The Critique

Alan Colombage Artist Art CritiqueAlan Colombage is a remarkable expressionist painter who succeeds in immediately capturing the astonishment of the viewer with his enthralling use of colour and passionate creative process. Colombage possesses an innate gift for conceiving compositions of evocative and aesthetic impact and demonstrates an incontrovertible talent eloquently conveyed through the comprehensive range of hues and techniques utilised. Alan is an exceptionally versatile and dynamic artist capable of starkly juxtaposing fervently spontaneous creative outlets with subdued, balanced and graceful artworks.

The black and white trends in some of Colombage’s paintings communicate a desire to explore art in its simplest and rawest form. The minimalist nature of the monochrome creations violently contradicts the profound intensity that radiates from the controlled explosions rupturing from every brushstroke. The messages contained in the artworks are open to ceaseless and infinite interpretations, touching upon our memories, emotions and stimulating alien dimensions of our imaginations. Each individual perception takes the form of a cherished moment from the distant corners of our own memory or a direct transmission of an intimate experience of the artist himself. The intuitive spontaneity conveys a sense of timeless and perpetual existence, connecting with the viewer and disclosing deep understanding towards Colombage’s complex artistic consciousness.

The fierce brushstrokes demonstrate the artist’s desire to exert his ardent creative soul as a primordial method of communication. Colombage captures the eclectic diversity of his personal experiences that have moulded him into the exceptional artist that he is today. From dark, spectral depths to light, refreshing colours, Colombage creates an impression of elusive subconscious symbolism that captivates the viewer in a profound maze of emotions. The blended brush strokes depict disguised figures, forcing the spectator to decipher the poignant meaning subliminally portrayed.

Artistic analogies can be made between Franz Marc’s vibrant use of primary shades and the determination to express aspects of experience rather than physical reality. Furthermore, the endless power of colour in transmitting the inner depths of mankind’s consciousness, reflected in Colombage’s work, is reminiscent of the German Expressionist Art Group, Die Brücke. In fact, the vivid nature of Colombage’s dream-like imagery extends the viewer’s perceptions of common reality, drawing the spectator into a mysterious realm buried within the artist’s mind.

Timothy Warrington
International Confederation of Art Critics