Anna Ravliuc Blum - The Critique

Anna Ravliuc Blum Artist Art CritiqueAnna Ravliuc’s work conveys a superb sense of balance between the energetic movements of each extravagant subject and the innate delicacy captured within the fascinating narratives on canvas. Focusing on the first sensory perception, the viewer is immediately catapulted into an eccentric world enlivened by an orchestra of pure and brilliant contrasts. Bold fusions of colour emanate a divine energy composed of vibrant whirlwinds that dance and stimulate the viewer’s astonished eye. Deeper analysis allows the spectator to surpass the initial visual impact and, within each whimsical silhouette, to perceive and unlock infinite treasured memories, capable of emancipating the most sincere chords of human sentiment and affection.
Recognisable figures gradually materialise from Ravliuc’s dynamic atmospheric backgrounds, filled with animated figures that are propelled to life by the skilled amalgamation of compelling contours, radiating a wholly spirited visionary experience. Thus, the spectator is permitted and encouraged to connect with each individual subject depicted, forming an indissoluble bond with the intense pictorial substratum of this artist’s’ uniquely inventive creations. From single petals to structured textures, and from extravagant masks to complex human expressions, Ravliuc’s artistic creations unveil an evolutionary and mysteriously instinctual gesture.
This artist is able to preserve the aesthetic beauty of the classical proportions but moving decidedly away from their decorative applications. Albeit representing a pure flower, Anna Ravliuc treats the visible as though it is a window into a not fully formed human psychology. Thus, the viewer is drawn into an enigmatic theatre of characters eager to attract all the attention to themselves, surrounded by a mystic aura of brilliant sprinkles of colour. Ultimately, Ravliuc strives to unite reality as observed and her innermost emotional and spiritual perceptions. Stylistically speaking, the compositional stability and balance are juxtaposed to the energetic texture and refined optical results conveyed by a masterly use of the media. From totally abstract horizons, enlivened by an elegant colours dripping, to the fine Harlequin costume garments, Ravliuc’s attention to detail emphasises the depth of her artistry, inspired by the Great Masters of Italian Mannerism. Ravliuc is an intricate painter that goes beyond a refined pictorial realism, communicating through a superb combination of contemporary vibrance and timeless inspirations.
Timothy Warrington
International Confederation of Art Critics