Annarita Graziano Critique by Timothy Warrington

Annarita Graziano is an extraordinary Italian painter whose powerful approach to creativity is difficult to demarcate and delimit, denoting her mastery in expressing herself through the enlightened use of an elegantly abstract visual language. Graziano’s intensely dramatic and vehement style invites the observer into a dimension of underlying references, intensified by a vibrant technique that provokes an incomparable emotional impact. Thus, her inscrutable abstracts emerge as poetic metaphors conceived by a sophisticated and pensive mind. Chromatic experimentations accentuate the aesthetic possibilities of a captivating pictorial journey into this artist’s deepest subconscious world.
Echoing Jackson Pollock’s exceptional masterpieces, Graziano’s evocative creations can be freely symbolised and interpreted by beholders, in their contrasting drops of pure paint that triumph over the canvases, in a collision of explosive shades that open a window into the consciousness of a multifaceted soul. As in the celebrated 'drip painting', emblem of the American Abstract Expressionism, where deepest interior of the human mind is poured onto the canvas, a fierce sense of instinctual fervor radiates from the juxtaposing pigmentations in Graziano’s compositions. Nevertheless, on deeper analysis, the luminous palette disguises a balanced grid of forms and appearances, exceeding the boundaries of a plain abstraction and tending to a higher substance.
These graphic elements that intersect on the contemplative backgrounds are set in motion by an energy that embraces the spectator in a warm weave, an ecstatic symphony of analogous and complementary hues. Each vivid brushstroke, applied with secure and forceful gestures, reflects a radical sensitivity and a visionary enthusiasm towards a way to communicate that is undeniably more vigorous than any other artistic expressions. Undoubtedly, her inspirational and innovative style endorses Graziano as an eminent representative of today’s contemporary art scene.