Annemarie Oshelda - The Critique

Annemarie Oshelda Artist Art CritiqueAnnemarie Oshelda is an eclectic artist that transmits all her subconscious charisma inundating her evocative paintings with an impulsive, impassioned and fiery style. The thoughtful paintings by Oshelda take us back to remote worlds of memories, representing scenes saturated by imaginative remembrances. At first glance, the observer is completely overwhelmed by the powerful and expressive appearances depicted, trying to navigate the myriad of perspectives and focal points in Oshelda’s sophisticated compositions.
The atmospheres become more perceptible and the spectators perceive a recondite and emotional meaning concealed by fierce brushwork. Oshelda’s paintings remind us of a unique and unexpected combination between the romanticist landscapes by J.M.W. Turner and Van Gogh’s dramatic and expressive portrayals. Stylistically speaking, Oshelda stunningly synthesises the impenetrable atmospheres executed by the Romantic Master with a vivid post-impressionism style. Each scene conveys an emotional impact that symbolises the innermost truth of the artist’s subconscious.
Oshelda electrifies the horizons with luminous and architectural brushwork, representing pastoral and marine scenes exquisitely made of pure and thick touches of paint. In her compositions nature seems to overcome humankind and the viewer is totally captured by the sublime and fierce dominance of the natural element. The effects of light give dynamism and energy to the whole harmonic structure, emanating mystical and poetic references.
Oshelda embodies innovative and extraordinary ways to communicate her artistry and she is definitely able to convey a spirituality that lives and influences the world around us. Thus, the spectator is sympathetically conquered by the skilful touch of this Austrian artist, rather than facing an aesthetic that only responds to optical phenomena.
Timothy Warrington
International Confederation of Art Critics