Ariel Chavarro Avila - The Critique

Ariel Chavarro Avila Artist Art CritiqueProportional geometries, captivating games of contrasts and vibrant primary colours merge into a harmonious and complex composition. Ariel Chavarro Avila’s artistic genius often relies on a balance between the unexpected and the objective categories of reality. The vivid shapes in his works are enlightened by the powerful juxtaposition of complementary colours, which can be viewed as Kantian ontological entities that live by themselves.
Each shape justifies its own presence and the compositions appear as uncontaminated organisms that communicate all their completeness without the need to be interpreted, understood or studied. Subsequently, the viewer is able to freely appreciate and admire these beautiful creations without any intermediaries or explanations. 
Chavarro is a talented abstract and figurative expressionist artist that combines South American stimuli with Western artistic conceptions. His Latin American cultural origins and his westbound artistic upbringing are fused together creating a highly unique style, which embodies an exquisite and charismatic expressive process. Paintings that depict wavering horizons and boundless focal pAoints encourage the viewer to reach various and different emotional conclusions. Each layer of paint and the use of form on Chavarro’s artworks demonstrate an elusive spiritual world that goes beyond an expected reality. 
Chavarro’s unique style is reminiscent of the Masters of the Mexican muralism, know as “Generación de la Ruptura”, and is often influenced by Abstract Expressionism. As in certain works by Gustavo Arias Murueta, Chavarro conveys an endless struggle between chaos and order, being and non-being, existence and non-existence. Despite these complex tensions, Chavarro’s works finally achieve a harmonious blossoming of vitality, balance and peace. The aesthetic beauty in Chavarro’s exceptional creations is unpredictable and thought-provoking as it stimulates limitless and profound emotions that ceaselessly align, deviate and contrast with one another while offering perfect artistic harmony.
Timothy Warrington
International Confederation of Art Critics