Art Critiques

The role of an art critic is that of an interpreter and a translator of the wonderful languages incorporated in visual art. His or her role is to act as a bridge between the artist and the public at large, thereby increasing their comprehension and appreciation of the artwork. The art critic's task, therefore, consists not only in rendering the artistic creation more accessible, but also in adding value and elevating the artwork and the artist to a new status.

Indeed, in all areas of public relationships (especially in a field as subjective and arbitrary as art) it is very helpful to rely on reputable external experts to give a credible and reliable view of one's work. This is why art critiques are universally recognised as an important step in an artist's career.

The role of our organisation is to find the critic who is best able and suited to intellectually convey what an artist has creatively expressed, uplifting the artist to new academic and professional heights.


  • Critiques are usually ready within 3 weeks


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