Artist Aase Birkhaug By Art Critic Christopher Rosewood

Nature's Call

Aase Birkhaug Art Artist CritiqueNature can be said to be the most perfect and the most pure form of art. As people, we are conditioned by nature, we thrive experiencing its beauty and we are given life through its love and its mysterious energy.  Birkhaug is an artist who not only captures the essence of nature - she your captures its soul through delicate use of shape, form and colour.
This artist finds freedom through the depiction of petals and the subject-matter itself reflects on the spiritual and substantive depth of vision possessed by this artist who is able to transform a natural element into a force for good and change.  Only a delicate heart and reflective human being with experience of the mind’s inner balance and elevated empathy could be capable of such a deep understanding of beauty.
In the late 1800s the Pre-Raphaelites utilised floral scenes to accentuate the aesthetic appeal of female portraits and figures whereas Birkhaug dedicates her art to the investigation and analyses of every aspect related to God's most beautiful creation, the flower. She seems to be on a philosophical journey of discovery into what exactly makes a petal beautiful.
The link between art and psychology has taken many identities throughout history and is always intrinsically interlinked and dependent on one another. Aase Birkhaug presents an innovative approach to art as a tool to influence the mind on the most subconscious of levels, rather than art as a product of the mind. There is no provocation, no strong choice of subject matter, no easy route to create a dramatic effect. Rather, this artist chooses the most subtle route to engage our inner thoughts and the deep areas of our instinctive subconscious.
Aase Birkhaug has the rare ability to stimulates our thoughts and inclines us to question the beauty that surrounds us.  Why are the fallen leaves under a tree in Autumn so perfect?  Why is it virtually impossible to improve the aesthetic balance of a random tree? In fact, there is no pursuable finite path to understanding or reaching concrete conclusions but Aase Birkhaug dedicates her explosive albeit refined creative energy to exploring and investigating.
Christopher Rosewood
Art Critic