Artist Aase Birkhaug By Art Critic Karen Lappon

Artwork Analysis

Aase Birkhaug Artist Art CritiqueI chose this watercolour in particular because I feel it withholds, in it’s small but expressive being, the whole concept of Birkhaug’s essence and creativity.
It is a marvellous composition. The subject stands out in the centre of the paper surrounded by a varied foliage. Aase manages to use the grain of the paper to enhance the different nuances of the watercolour making it an extremely articulated piece of art.
The brushwork is careful to detail whilst maintaining the typical characteristics of a watercolour. The different tones of red create a dynamic and fresh effect, giving the rose a multi-sensory quality that amazingly evokes its intense fragrance while the remainder of the composition is filled with a polychromatic array of leaves. The green tones are so well balanced and heterogeneous, creating depth, movement, and a soupçon of mystery and allure. Leaves rustled by the wind, that capture the light of the sun and reflect the different shades of brilliance and umbrage, giving us the extraordinary tactile and vivid sensation of actually being immersed in nature.
Aase Birkhaug’s taste for painting is expressed in all its glory. She is undoubtedly a marvellous painter that manages to create her compositions in a unique manner. The more one looks at this art work, the more it draws you into its unfathomable depths. The details of the leaves and the blossoms capture our attention after having metabolised the first overwhelming impact of the composition, in its entirety, through our eyes and our senses. Innuendos of faded reds that infer a wider dimension around the main flower, a bush of roses that even our fantasy willingly expands, discovering a magical dimension full of airy freshness and light hearted freedom.
An ancient pleasure for familiar images pervades our spirit when enjoying this beautiful painting. Our senses are rejuvenated and renewed with an energy that only the capable hands of this artist manages to bestow upon us. A true nature lover with a rare and exquisite talent for painting.
Karen Lappon
Art Critic