Artist Alexander Telin

Alexander Telin Artist Art CritiqueThe Critique


Alexander Telin is a very talented Russian figurative expressionist painter who, as ‘enfant de la balle’, grew up in his father Vladimir Telin’s footsteps.

His artwork is characterised by an incredibly vivid forcefulness that transpires through the way in which the compositions are constructed. The canvases are enriched by the details of his brushwork, throughout, in every part, almost like close ups into the stories he transposes. A very effective and enrapturing point of view that captures the viewer’s attention immediately. The allegoric symbolism and attention to detail remind us of the great Renaissance master Sandro Botticelli.

Also, Telin’s use of colours is absolutely overwhelming. Analogous and complementary colours are used in such a way as to force the eye of the beholder to search and savour every detail. His sense for colour is so preponderant in his paintings that one is completely drawn into the harmony and emotional impact they exude. The highly finished manner of painting is reminiscent of Jan Bruegel. There is a lot of study and research in Telin’s works. Notes of Russian Realism, Impressionism, Byzantine and Coptic iconography, the Dutch School, the Pre Raphaelites, all mingle together with his personal technique and interpretation of the world in the amazing tribute to life and beauty that is Alexander’s artwork.

As Oscar Wilde, one of the subjects of Telin’s portraits, said: “Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.Alexander Telin has found the language by which the soul can truly comprehend the beauty and harmony of the universe.

A complete and passionate artist that the world of contemporary art cannot but admire and number among its most representative ambassadors.



Karen Lappon