Artist Angelo Antonio Maristela


Angelo Antonio Maristela Artist Art Critique

The Critique

Angelo Antonio Maristela is a naturally gifted artist that cannot be circumscribed within a given style or movement as his qualities span over a varied range of nomenclatures.

He masters Hyperrealism through portraits of such astonishing faithfulness that remind us of Richter, Estes and Organ. His more figurative works and landscapes are of an exceptional beauty reminiscent of the great nineteenth century British landscape painters such as Constable and Stubbs.

Maristela’s abstract and figurative expressionist paintings are representations of a mysterious dimension that trigger our deepest instincts and force them out until they whirl and float around us, leaving us entrapped in the amazing disclosed secrets of the universe he recreates.

His canvases are explosions of mainly analogous colours whose combination creates an extraordinarily magical atmosphere. The juxtaposition of delicate and strong hues highlights Angelo’s taste for colour and his understanding of its multifaceted visual language.

This wonderfully complete and talented artist takes the viewer on a journey to the very origins of creation through clear and powerful images of stunning impact. The boundaries of our thoughts are expanded to new and amazing dimensions of consciousness through our comprehension of  Angelo’s incredible sensitivity and artistry.

The highest exponent of the scientific world of today, Stephen Hawking, said: “Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.” Science and art: two distinct idioms. Maristela is the bilinguist that translates the message into words that our souls can perceive as an invitation to explore.


Karen Lappon