Artist Ayhatun Ateșin

Ayhatun Atestin Artist Art CritiqueThe Critique


Ayhatun Ateșin is an artist of great philosophical merit that poses a multitude of existential and complex questions with her art. A mysterious narrative that transcends physical existence albeit eternally based on the ever changing and unique nature of mankind’s journey.

The apparent simplicity of Ayhatun’s message is what strikes the viewer. We see an object that through the years has been transformed from an essential necessity to an accessory that has become the forefront of design and beauty. An elegant and striking albeit intentionally frivolous part of daily life that poses eternally unanswered questions.

The alluring, stimulating and pleasing visual impact of the work soon becomes part of wider and richer line of thought that accompanies the installation. Indeed, the viewer encounters a visual representation of movement and transition that transcends time, place and circumstance. Ayhatun takes us on an intellectual process of analysis allowing us to gradually synthesise and ponder existential questions through the expression and articulation of her philosophical mind.

The journey is extensive. The spectator is greeted with what presents itself as a joyous idea that quickly transforms into a deep interpretation on the metaphysical nature of man. Subsequently, reflection allows the viewer to envision the invisible bearers of the shoes - the people behind the colours and behind the beauty. Thereafter it is not long before the mind is forced to tackle an endless spectrum of spatial and spiritual conundrums. Ayhatun creates the perfect intellectual stimuli that allows a free thinking individual to ponder as well as empathise. During this philosophical exercise, we see the plight of man and the exploration of new horizons ever overcome with a great sense of an uncertain world.

The meaning in Ayhatun’s work is undoubtedly very relevant and important in the contemporary era, but such an interpretation is only part of the never ending story. The journey of man and mankind is given an invisible face that encompasses every individual in the limitless expanse of past, present and future.

Ayhatun succeeds in provoking thought and opening a viewer's eyes through her original and innovative art.


Timothy Warrington