Artist Beatrice Cofield

Beatrice Cofield Artist Art CritiqueThe Critique


Beatrice Cofield is and exceptional figurative abstract painter with a unique sensitivity and creative spirit. She is strongly influenced by music, which is an indissoluble part of her pictorial impetus. Listening to music, or singing herself, inspire her to find the perfect connection between sound and painting.

Having lived in many different countries, she absorbed various artistic influences. We find traces of German Expressionism in her works, her beautiful horses remind us of Franz Marc; other works remind us of Symbolist artists Redon and Czurlanis. But her most significant influence is certainly Edvard Munch.

Like in Munch’s masterpiece “The Scream”, her lines and brushstrokes are sinuous, and denote frenetic energy and simmering passions. Emotive distortions and exaggerated colours are used to achieve the maximum expressiveness. The paint is applied with smooth, flexuous and forceful gestures that create movement with pure artistry and talent.


Her colours are lively and vivid, the hues unblended and bright. All Beatrice’s childlike gaiety exudes from her canvases and transports the viewer into her cheerful, dreamlike world. Horses, unicorns, mermaids, nymphs, dancers, lovers, the essence of rhythm and of nature, are all subjects that capture our imagination and we participate in Beatrice’s eloquent and passionate communicative process with willingness and enthusiasm.

As Dick Dale said: “Every song is like a painting” and in Beatrice’s case “every painting is like a song”. The harmonious and interdependent communion of these two sublime forms of art are embodied deeply in this greatly talented and eclectic artist.



Karen Lappon