Artist Brigitte Saugstad


Brigitte SaugstadThe Critique



Brigitte Saugstad is a ceramic sculptress that embodies the essence of the joy of life itself. Her works express happiness and lightness in such a way as to draw the viewer into a dancing whirlwind of spontaneity and almost childlike pleasure.

The taste and refined style of her creations capture our attention at first sight and  inadvertently we find ourselves smiling. The fatigues and the stress of daily life are taken from us as if by magic and we are uplifted into an absolutely free and cathartic dimension.

Brigitte's work represents a breath of fresh Spring air in the world of  art today. The colours and the movement she gives to her creations are of a sublime beauty. The grace and rounded contours of her statues remind us of Botero's everlasting figures. The skill of her technique, subdued to a joyous and radiant ability, make of this sculptress an unforgettably sensitive artist, clearly inspired by the Vienna Sezessionsstil movement of the early 1900s, in her search for fluid, sinuous lines and innovative emotional communicative pathways.

It is impossible to remain impassive when looking at Brigitte's works. The involvement is complete and ineffable. She manages to create a serenely carefree atmosphere in which the viewer has a vision of the present that is so sought after that he throws himself headlong into the pleasure of feeling a playful child again.

In fact, Brigitte’s experiences in life are displayed through her works in such an open and enthralling way: her life in Vienna, her previous career as figure skater, her trip to India.

Brigitte’s view of life appears amazingly unblemished and positively cheerful and she expresses it through the use of  lively, seductive colours and dynamic, exuberant forms. Her care for detail and minutia denote all her craftsmanship and technical ability. These enchanting and fascinating creations come from the root of beauty itself that clearly resides in the very soul of this talented and creative artist.

Karen Lappon