Artist Dalia Moireau

Dalia Moireau Artist Art CritiqueDalia Moireau is a very talented and instinctively perceptive artist gifted with endless creativity and versatility in the exploration of a broad array of artistic channels. Moireau interprets and redefines her surroundings in a process of research and examination through which the viewer is confronted with a stimulating juxtaposition of ideas spanning from pure gestural abstraction and geometrical post-minimalism to post-impressionism.

From initial scrutiny of Moireau’s work, the relationship with other areas of art is evident. Architectural analysis seems to be a strong element in several compositions and on closer study there is a wonderful connection with the teachings of Filippo Brunelleschi on the subject of perspective albeit with one significant difference - while the likes of Brunelleschi and Raffaello were finding the math in the art, Moireau endeavours to liberate the art from the math in an implosion of colour, form and movement.

Dalia has a predilection for architectural and geometric forms through which she interprets and transposes her mind’s eye into complex and avant-garde urban landscapes in which futuristic constructions come to life and towers dance on the limitless skyline - the perfect canvas for Moireau’s vision. The viewer sees music and harmony as the magnificent buildings stand proudly as they are portrayed in their vivid and cosmopolitan nature. We experience a prototype, an artwork, a game and a beating heart while encountering the familiar emotion of belonging, possibly of cities once known or metropolises merely dreamed of.

Once the first impact of the artworks has subsided, contour and colour tell the story of each individual environment: the sleepy city by night, the busy city by day, the buzz of civilisation; all sensations that echo our memories, our consciousness and our subconscious.

Dalia Moireau Artist Art CritiqueMoireau’s works are also rich with a peculiar atavistic power in how they are vividly evocative and stimulate a connection with our collective consciousness. The viewer becomes but a tiny part of a larger reality - an artistic strength that is even more evident in Moireau’s predominantly abstract works, where the primacy of pure feeling speaks directly to the soul. The artist juxtaposes lively vivid colours with a more sombre minimal palette and takes the viewer on a journey through the enriching sensitivity of her perception of the world.

Moireau’s geometrical works resemble fractal patterns in which the subject is an integrated part of composition. Merely the simple choice of contrasting colours distinguishes one layer from another in a post-minimalistic style in which the lines are soft and the colours expertly chosen. The artist creates a unique and solitary subject that strikes the viewer and attracts attention albeit to lead the viewer to a patient and pondered analysis of the artwork in which the details come to light with a power that are simply enthralling.

Plato said that “The highest form of beauty lies not in the forms of the real world but in geometry” and Dalia Moireau embodies the essence of this concept with her very unique, vividly expressive, extraordinarily perceptive and creative style.

Timothy Warrington