Artist Deepa Khanna Sobti

Deepa Khanna Sobti Artist Art CritiqueThe Critique


Deepa Khanna Sobti is an prodigiously talented abstract expressionist artist whose depth of interpretation of reality is outstanding, and is expressed in both her art and her writing.

Deepa paints solely with a palette knife to give her paintings a more spontaneous and gestural feel that reminds us of the typically intuitive and emotional characteristics of Action Art, brought to the scenes by Jackson Pollock and Franz Kline, where art is an act rather than an object, a process rather than a product that touches the collective sense of an archetypal visual language.

The irregular patches of colour in her art works create a lyrical image, like a mosaic of flickering light. The densely layered paint is applied on the canvas and the palette knife creates intense areas of vivid colour which are pure explosions of wonder that remind us of the Art Informel movement and Jean-Paul Riopelle in particular.

Sobti’s compositions are powerful, meaningful, a symphony of flaming colours with a unique taste for harmony and balance. Her paintings are a never ending journey from light to darkness and back; they vibrate like a symphony that generates substantiality and strength. They are a jubilation of pure emotion that overwhelm the viewer, captures his soul and brings him back to the real world; a world in which the meaning of nature and life are in unison with the power of the universe.

As Deepa herself says in one of her poems: “In one thought, this emptiness contains the entire universe”, and she shares both with us so wonderfully and with such beauty that all we feel is the desire to live that universe. Sobti is an artist that leaves a mark in our consciousness and will surely have a deep impact on the contemporary art scene of today and tomorrow.



Karen Lappon