Artist Evgenia Mileshina

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Evgenia Mileshina is a figurative expressionist painter whose fascinating art is a compelling journey into dark fantasy. Spectral figures inhabit phantasmagorical landscapes. Twisted fairy tales and gothic fables unfurl and tumble into the darkest regions of our imagination, coaxing the viewer a little further down an unknown but irresistible path.

Her paintings convey a shadowy vision of a world peopled by figures that recall our childhood fables and fantasies and perfectly embody the artistic mood that inspired artists such as Francis Bacon and Edvard Munch. The intense vibrancy, impassioned style and freedom of execution are characteristic of German Expressionism, Schmidt-Rottluff in particular.

Evgenia creates intense, dramatic effects to show the awesome power that surges from the most hidden recesses of our subconscious mind with bravery and incredible talent. Her use of perspective follows the laws of Renaissance structures and are so effective that the viewer is compelled to follow her paths regardless of the perils that await us.

Evgenia’s paintings are very evocative and her imagery is vivid and enthralling. Her canvases are imbued with melancholic and sombre connotations juxtaposed with a calm and almost serene atmosphere that create a very alluring combination of emotions.

Andrew Wyeth said: “I dream a lot. I do more painting when I'm not painting. It's in the subconscious.” And this reflects completely in Evgenia’s oeuvre, thanks to her ability to see so clearly into herself and into our souls. An artist who is not afraid of stepping out of the conventional and into the courageous dimension of a human labyrinth of latent emotions.



Karen Lappon