Artist Farideh Golbahar by Art Critic Timothy Warrington

farideh golbahar artist art
Farideh Golbahar is a highly refined and exquisitely talented creative talent. She is, in fact, a very rare breed of artist that, in this day and age, shines with intense light and distinction from much of the artistic contributions seen around the world. However, the elements that constitute Farideh’s creativity are not simple and there is no attempt to strike, surprise or shock the viewer. Rather, one is pleasantly introduced to an intensely delicate touch empowered by a rich and exquisitely complex approach to execution and composition.
Historically speaking, there are fascinating juxtapositions and diverse influences from numerous traditions that come together for analysis, challenged and uniquely interpreted in the conception of Farideh’s work. Her artistic roots are deep and variegated in a broad understanding of art history that incorporates the magnificence of the Persian Miniature, a timeless tradition that itself was enriched by Eastern culture through the Mongol conquest, as well as tangible aspects of French Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. Parallels can be drawn between Farideh and Monet, as well as Pissarro, in relation to certain elements of her brushwork and the technique utilised to capture light and movement. Interestingly, further comparisons can also be made with post-impressionists such as Seurat and even Van Gogh, not to mention mention Dufy’s textile creations. There is a unique sensuality in Farideh’s creative process and a wonderful component is the perfect juxtaposition between different artistic approaches in a single artwork. In fact, the viewer is often confronted with self-contained quadriptych artworks that radiate elegance and sophistication composed of numerous artistic approaches presented as one idea and a single interlinked visual journey, although well defined, with no finite beginning and no discernible end.
On deeper reflection, Farideh seems to also have a huge affinity with nature, however not in the traditional sense. Her artwork emulates and shares certain aspects of the perfection and balance that one would usually expect from the immense marvel of a tree, a blossom or a moving river. In art, nature has been the subject of many expressions but in a different manner. This artist, without necessarily depicting nature as such, shares the serenity, depth and balance that one takes for granted when viewing a flower. Alas, Farideh does paint nature at times but does not fabricate or capture it as one would expect from an artist - her artworks actually have the ability to share some of the qualities that make nature itself special.
Farideh’s creative process has endless dimensions that are patiently and passionately expressed through an infinity of fine brushstrokes.  Her art is intricate and exquisitely delicate and it is as though petals of different but wonderful flowers blossom together in Farideh’s art.
Of course, an important aspect of Farideh’s creations is also that her artistic output is unusual in its quality as well as in its style. The viewer is encountered by an original assimilation of various influences conceived through intricate and exquisitely delicate and immersive compositions, conveying a sense of balanced harmony that is able to profoundly capture the fascinated attention of the spectator.
Farideh Golbahar is an artist that is difficult to define within a specific line of thought or style. She is a wonderfully complex talent with multifaceted creative outlets offering stimulating expressions for even the most refined art lovers and collectors.
Timothy Warrington
International Confederation of Art Critics