Artist Giovanna Depalma

Giovanna Depalma Artist Art CritiqueThe Critique


Giovanna Depalma is an exquisite figurative contemporary artist. Her works are overflowing with Neo-classical beauty in the way she depicts the human form.

Giovanna’s figures epitomize female sensuality through her soft, smoky contours and warm tonal range. Her models are placed against plain interiors which provide no distractions, allowing us to gaze at their mysterious seductiveness and beauty.

Her semi-abstract style, balanced by a superb draughtsmanship, follow the laws of Realism. Great masters such as Balthus, Ingres, Schad and Zorn can be detected in Giovanna’s softly modelled and extremely sensual portraits. The beauty, grace and voluptuous charm of the figures juxtaposed to a feathery sense of touch and the loose brushstrokes of the backgrounds, only highlight the instinctual attraction of their magnetism.

The rich, warm chiaroscuro underlines the luxurious texture of the subjects depicted.  The chromatic primacy and combination of complementary colours create a wonderful sense of perspective and the flowing transporting brushstrokes of the backgrounds hypnotise us and lead the eye to concentrate on the beauty and depth of emotions of the subjects in the foreground.

Giovanna manages to interpret and transpose her intimate feelings into the figures she paints with a calm, clear introspective ability that makes us instinctively empathise and respond to her art. Her sensitivity and depth of the understanding of human feelings is portrayed in a sensual and enthralling manner.

As Confucius said: “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it”. Giovanna not only sees the beauty in everything, but shares it through her oeuvre and enables us to see it as well.



Karen Lappon