Artist Gultekin Bilge

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We could describe Gültekin Bilge as a universal artist. His works radiate contrasting sentiments: joy, fright, anguish, happiness. A complete artist that gives us a vision of the world by transferring his feelings and his emotions on his canvases,  sometimes with great force and other times with extreme delicacy. His complexity is evident in the expression of his figures, in their look, sometimes sad, or frightened, or pensive.

It is evident that nothing is improvised, nor easily created in his oeuvre. One can see all his intellectual and artistic background. His studies at the Istanbul Academy of Fine Arts have only contributed to “discovering the statue in the marble and setting it free” to quote Michelangelo. In fact, Bilge’s great talent is an innate gift. It is something genetic, personal, with which he was born, and the Academy only refined it.

Figures that look upon us, call us. Figures that look at each other with love, faces that express strong feelings, fantastic creations that stare at us with stupor, irony, anguish.  Gültekin’s works represent the whole variety of human existence, in the different aspects of its being and dictated by its subconscious, by its emotions, by its most intimate sensations. Everything originates from his thoughts, from what he feels inside, and that he manages to reproduce on canvas with incredible artistry and talent.

Works worthy of a museum, in which we can see ourselves in various moments of our daily lives; moments of peace and war within ourselves; moments of anguish and joy. His works follow us even when we are not watching them. They remain impressed in our subconscious; they remain attached to us as if not wanting to leave us.

This is Bilge’s incredible ability. Creations that are part of us; creations that give us their hand, talk to us and help us understand ourselves better, our past and our future. Bilge is an artist that is difficult to find and that no sooner one sees his works, one falls in love. He manages to use expressions, colours, contrasts to tell us not only about himself, but also to read inside ourselves.

An artist that does not go unnoticed and makes us understand the essence of life. Bilge is not just a great artist but he is also a great writer, who writes on the walls of our souls.



Christopher Rosewood