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The atelier training tradition of the great Masters of Italian Renaissance, the “Bottega”, relives in Hannah Baker’s artistic upbringing.

The classical art technique, in which she skillfully excels, is the Sight-Size method, of which artists such as Tiziano, Sargent, Van Dyke, Velásquez were renowned examples. Image and subject are placed side to side, and the artist stands at a distance, in order to perceive both as a whole.

This extremely talented young artist, gifted with great pictorial skill, draws and paints solely from life. Her compositions are of an exquisite taste and elegant harmony. Her choice of objects are of a refined finesse, and highlight the unique blend between realism and atmosphere.

Hannah Baker Artist Art CritiqueHannah has an intuitive sense of colour and style, and a superb handling of paint. She truly draws with the brush. The exact likeness of her softly modelled subjects, juxtaposed to a certain feminine delicacy, have an extremely alluring charm. Her acute analysis and understanding of the form are underlined by her soft outlines and delicate brushwork.

Hannah Baker Artist Art CritiqueThe full colours and rich modelling, make of Hannah’s artworks a perfect representation of reality. Her ability to recreate such true to life shades and nuances is extraordinary. The way in which she captures light make her canvases breathe and give a feathery sense of touch, reminding us of 17th century Dutch masters such as Claesz, Kalf, Vermeer.

Hannah reveals all the solid consistency of her cultural heritage through her choice of style and technique. She is a true promise in the world of art today where the abstract is the prevailing trend.



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