Artist Igor Prokop

Igor Prokop Artist Art CritiqueThe Critique


Igor Prokop is an outstandingly pure abstract painter whose creative core is centred around the relationship between man and nature and their evolution within a ‘natural order’, uniting all aspects of the physical world that surround us: science, art, music, history and the environment.

His works express the full power of abstract painting where colours, lines and shapes blend together in a captivating interpretation of the artist’s inner essential feelings.

This translates into a type of personal signifier, or language, expressed through a kaleidoscopic mass of colour exploding across his canvases and reminding us of American II generation abstract expressionists Joan Mitchell and Frank Stella and Chilean Roberto Matta.

Verve and panache mingle together in a multitude of vibrant colours that combined with the richness of the compositions and elaborate lines, create  lyrical images that depict Igor’s sensitive outlook on life and connect forcefully with the instinctual recesses of the viewer’s own subconscious mind.

Igor’s use of intense, lively and vivid colours create movement and dynamism within his paintings that combined with the complexity and intricacy of the lines, give his works a unique perspective and understanding of the world of abstract art.

Man, nature and eroticism, with all their complexities and convolutions, are the main themes that characterise Igor’s subjects and testify his curiosities and concerns about the evolving future of the universe.

Prokop is an exceptionally talented artist, with a forceful drive that emerges in all its clarity throughout his paintings. His amazing artistic ability and rich imagination relieve the viewer from the dominant, rational norms of considering and thinking about art. On the contrary, one must experience his works and enjoy them at a completely visceral level, to fully capture the intrinsic beauty and importance of his works. Igor is truly a gift to the world of  modern art.



Karen Lappon