Artist Ingvill Solberg

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Ingvill Solberg is a remarkable abstract figurative painter. Her work is so intense and full of deep significance. Every brushstroke is enthralling and expressive to the point where one cannot turn the eye without having fully captured the most underlying meaning of her compositions.

Ingvill’s quest to capture light through her choice of pallet is reminiscent of Frans Widerberg, the second most important Norwegian painter after Edvard Munch and of neo-impressionist Ludvig Karsten. The analogous and complementary colours she uses give her paintings an almost mystical and magical feel to them. Her titles are referred to the innermost sensations inspired in man, and give the viewer an intense and deep view into the innermost recesses of the soul.

Her elongated figures full of grace and delicacy are a profusion of Norse mysticism. The great brilliance and depth of colour highlight the intimacy of her paintings so that we feel we are tiptoeing into her thoughts with a certain reverence, only to find ourselves completely overwhelmed by the harmony and beauty of her emotional communication.  

Ingvill uses gestural, vibrant, hatching brushstrokes for the backgrounds on which her figures, sometimes just outlined, are embedded with great taste and lyricism. Contrasting emotions surge in the viewer: nostalgia, joy, peace, apprehension, comfort. Solberg knowingly invites us to abandon ourselves to the rhythm of the universal sensations she interprets with such ability and sensitivity.

As Edvard Munch said: “The colours live a remarkable life of their own after they have been applied to the canvas” and Ingvill’s canvases illustrate this concept in all its fullness of expression. Solberg is a worthy heir to the great masters of Norwegian art and a true promise for the world of contemporary art today.



Karen Lappon