Artist Joëlle Kem Lika

Joelle Kem Lika Artist Art CritiqueThe Critique


Joëlle Kem Lika is a very talented figurative abstract painter whose life and paintings are inescapably intertwined. Her works are not the result of her life, her experience, her thoughts - in fact, they are the very source, core and origin of her entire existence. Her creative process springs from the recesses of her inner self, only to find its place on the canvas, and return to the heart of the painter in the form of universal energy.

Her artworks have a strong visual impact. Every canvas is permeated with the power of life itself. Joëlle participates in this and translates it into colour, for the viewer to experience in all its full magnificence. Colour is central to this artist’s technique. Lively, bright, intense colours that highlight the dynamic force and intrinsic beauty of the objects depicted, and create a vital exuberance that simply cannot go unnoticed.

Joëlle celebrates life and femininity. Women are depicted in a completely new and unique way. They are surfers. Free, dynamic, powerful figures surrounded by the most vivid example of the power of nature: the sea.

Her figures are full of vitality, exuberance and movement. They represent a modern, independent, zoetic woman with all her tenderness, elegance and grace. The feeling of utter liberty and joy these artworks express is a refreshing, primal, instinctual sensation that speaks directly to our collective consciousness.

The artist’s Water Lilies are a clear homage to the great Impressionist master, Monet. Here again, colour plays a central role in defining the luxurious, full, unblended hues that give depth, movement and lushness to her canvases. The richness of these compositions is absolutely striking and  powerful. We are attracted to them instantaneously and the reminiscence of them stays with us, as an indelible mark on our souls, forever.



Karen Lappon