Artist Marcus Riebe

Marcus Riebe Artist Art CritiqueThe Critique


Marcus Riebe is an Austrian artist gifted with an immensely articulated mind and possessor of an extraordinary talent to conceive and execute complex and deeply stimulating compositions. Riebe takes abstract expressionism through a thought provoking journey into the subconscious and surreal with innovative use of digital media.

The viewer encounters compositions of exceptional depth in which the central elements appear to be at immense distances from the background. The use of perspective immediately captures attention and allows the eye of the spectator to take flight while every centimetre of the artwork translates into an intense and gripping visual experience.

Riebe’s 3D aspect to the pieces offers a fascinating juxtaposition of art forms and channels of expression in which we see the artist's passion for enriching extensive views with imaginary protagonists come to life. Riebe’s creations bestow upon us a new form of perspective in which objects, people, animals, insects, creatures conceived in the subconscious or simply abstracted forms are given the opportunity to become the protagonists of such interesting works of art.

Riebe’s use of shape and line is wonderfully engaging as he interprets the two levels of human consciousness and places them in a spatial dimension that clearly engages the viewer and invites him to distinguish which of the two realities is the most significant and factual.

The viewer encounters a composition of exceptional depth in which the central elements float at impressive heights over a background that is flattened like a map. Questions like what do we leave behind and what do we take with us, surge to mind when looking at these amazing paintings. Time and space are represented in an innovative way with an exceptional projection towards the future.

Riebe is an artist that fully interprets the moment and has a clear outlook on the future of contemporary art.


        Timothy Warrington