Artist Mari Bueno

Mari Bueno Artist Art Critique

The Critique


Mari Bueno is a polyhedral artist. Her fantasy, her capability to absorb images and her way of elaborating feelings make her an artist that ranges from abstract, to installation, to sacred art, to new impressionism. It is on these two styles that our attention must mainly befall: abstract and new impressionist art. Fantastic compositions and mysterious signs of an unknown script exude from her abstract works and make us desire to understand it and learn from it.

Mari knows this script, it is her subconscious that transmits it to us. The viewer perceives the harmony, the skillful play of colours, the beauty of the compositions and is intrigued by the language that leads him to dig further and dive into her subconscious. Her works seem easy to interpret but, on the contrary, they require great concentration and analysis because each work conveys a different message or a mysterious text that comes from the pulsating heart of a continent that speaks to Mari constantly, and that she magically submits to us.

From the mosaics to her sacred art, we can see influences of the wonderful works of Chagall in the Rheims Cathedral, and the impressive light and chiaroscuro of the great Caravaggio. Mari Bueno is an intellectually open minded painter. She is curious and inserts whatever captures her interest or whatever she sees, into her works. Scenes from daily life, laborers going to work, Madonnas that look at us with love, depicted perfectly with masterfully drawn lines, where nothing is left to chance and the artist’s skill is so evident that it takes us back to pre-Renaissance, to Giotto and the great masters of the sacred Florentine and Senese art.

Mari Bueno is all of this: the freedom of abstract art, the precision and security of sacred art, and the knowledge to portray daily scenes on canvas. Her most recent creation and the more minimalist one, certainly the most conceptual one, is installation, in which, once again, she shows us the beauty, harmony and complexity of the Amazon. Tree trunks and leaves transport us into a world we had forgotten completely. A world that has no cement or skyscrapers; a world that stopped thousands of years ago in a fantastic and enormous forest that enables the artist to think, meditate, work.  

Mari Bueno’s great master is nature itself that she manages to describe with great talent. Her wonderful ability to use colour and her perfect technique has made her an important, lively, eclectic artist in today’s contemporary world.

Christopher Rosewood