Artist Marjorie Schlossman

Marjorie Schlossman Artist Art CritiqueThe Critique

If there were one word to describe Marjorie Schlossman, it would be: creative. Her creativity follows her in all aspects of life. She is a mother of 7 children, she is an accomplished violinist and an incredibly talented abstract expressionist painter. Extraordinary is the way in which she expresses this innate fecundity through the many means she has at her disposal.

Her paintings are a symphony of colours and forms, structured as if on a musical staff. Crescendo, allegro, andante, diminuendo, all harmoniously and perfectly executed to give the viewer an extraordinary experience. Lines defined by colours, overlapping formal elements that have and amazing 3D effect. Articulate and rich compositions full of movement and rhythm. Beautifully inspired pieces of art, each with a different motif, a different tempo.

The artist herself tells us the way she begins a painting: she starts by painting lines without any idea of the outcome, instinctively, developing a conscious dialogue with the canvas. Then suddenly something happens, a moment, a glimpse into her subconscious maybe that she begins to “explore, pursue and ponder” until the painting is accomplished. At this point she sets it free to be enjoyed and shared by the world. Just like giving birth and growing a child, Marjorie’s paintings are like her children.

With no subject matter to disturb the visual purity of the group of different forms and colours, Marjorie’s abstract works have a lyrical quality and can be seen as a sensual meditation that enthralls the viewer and leads him to explore dream-like images of inner worlds. Her works remind us of Frank Stella, Hans Hofmann and Helen Frankethaler, exponents of American Abstract Expressionism and of Patrick Heron and Peter Lanyon of the St. Ives Group.

Marjorie Schlossman is a truly precious gift to today’s contemporary art scene.



Karen Lappon