Artist Mitey Roche

Mitey Roche Artist Art CritiqueThe Critique

Mitey Roche is a wonderfully talented British expressionist painter whose upbringing among artists such as Bloomsbury painter Duncan Grant and writers such as her father, poet Paul Roche, have given her the imprint and creative freedom of expression she manages to translate into her artworks.

The formal elements of Mitey’s works have been carefully balanced to create a sense of calm that remind us of Ferdinand Hodler’s landscapes. Our view of them is restricted and simplified, as if to present us with only the essence of the scene, and composed in a rhythmic pattern of layers of colours, to evoke a pure sense of spiritual emotion.

Mitey’s highly decorative style of landscapes are composed with great delicacy and soft pastel tones and exude a moving pathos reminiscent of Peder Severin Krøyer. Her linear, smooth style and use of colours as an important element, is typical of great American expressionist Mark Rothko.

Expanses of colour float upon the canvas and the blurred edges make the colour masses appear to vibrate with a misty magical quality. An ethereal luminosity suffuses the paintings giving them an oneiric quality that is deeply evocative.

The broad bands of tone make them look like abstract works of art. But as the viewer’s eye becomes accustomed to the paintings, however, the details become apparent. The colours, which at first seem minimalistic, become richer as the eye begins to appreciate the subtle differences in tone.

Her travels around the world are reflected to perfection in the moods Mitey evokes through her economy of form and haunting landscapes, devoid of human life. Her innermost feelings are depicted in such a way as to lead us through her personal journey and share her view of places and events with beautiful artistry. Her canvases are vehicles for demonstrating emotions, portals to the subconscious that we can dive into with great pleasure.



Karen Lappon