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Paul Faith from Northern Ireland is a metalwork artist and sculptor of incredible talent. He works at The Forge, a workshop inside the London Museum of Water & Steam that was built in 1838, and is the oldest working forge in London. Here Paul carries on the ancient blacksmith tradition transforming craft into art.

Paul Faith Artist Art Critique


Paul mainly works with metals such as silver, steel and copper. His creations are of a unique and refined quality. His craftsmanship and technique are such that he manages to accentuate all the unrevealed qualities of the metal that, in some way, stir the outcome of his pieces. His deep connection with the various materials and his great draughtsmanship enable him to give the metal forms and textures that are unusually creative. Laminas of various metals worked into folds and creases, some with studs and wooden inserts, to create objects that are superb works of art and that will certainly leave a mark on any viewer’s imagination.

Paul Faith Artist Art Critique



What inspires Paul is an in-depth exploration of ancient relics and artefacts of the past. The dynamism juxtaposed with the immutability of each sculpture express all the force and weakness of the metal. This delicate yet eloquent balance gives his creations an intriguing and fascinating aura. His works provoke thought and reflection and inspire deep introspection while emotions surge from the subconscious inspired by the beauty and rarity of Paul’s sculptures.


Paul Faith Artist Art Critique


As Pablo Picasso said: “Sculpture is the art of the intelligence” and this applies perfectly to Paul Faith’s artworks in that they are created with the mind as buckets, bowls, panels, towers, etc. But they also go beyond the realm of intelligence to become shear works of contemporary art to admire in all their beauty.


Karen Lappon

Art Critic