Artist Promotional Package

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For an artist exhibiting at art exhibitions or fairs it is vital that they are equipped with the professional tools to make their work memorable to prospective investors. Indeed, at an art fair there is the potential to gain considerable exposure with new clients and galleries. However, the benefits of this exposure are significantly reduced if they are unable to find compelling and well-presented material about an artist's work after the event.
The materials provided in our Artist Promotional Package are designed to inform and engage potential collectors, as well as international museums and art galleries, whilst elevating an artist in a sophisticated manner. Artists must be showcased in the best possible light to make sure that they obtain the full potential benefits that an exhibition or fair has to offer. Our Artist Promotional Package provides the tools needed to ensure that an artist's work stands out to visitors both at the event, and when searching at home. Having seen the work of hundreds of artists, the lasting impression is essential to ensuring that an artist's newfound clients become long term investors.
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What is included:

  • A stylish and informative brochure to give to interested people, galleries and clients. Professional design, 8 pages, A5 format.
  • An Art Critique related the artist's thoughts, influences, inspirations and technique written by a professional art critic (published on the brochure mentioned above and on our website).
  • Phone interview with an International Confederation of Art Critics historian. Interview will be published by us on-line in a "question and answer" format to strengthen an artist's web presence and so that interested people can learn more about the artist.
  • Press articles published online to boost an artist's web presence (included with website option only).
  • Promotion on the International Confederation of Art Critic's website and social media platforms.


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Website option

As an option, an elegant and user friendly professional artist website can be added to the package so that clients and collectors can easily and effectively find an artist online.


Timing & information

The promotional package is usually ready within 4 weeks subject to edits requested by the artist and final approval.

 Olga Konoshchuk artist