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What makes an artist visible?

  1. Art Critiques

  2. Professional Website

  3. Books/Publications


What makes an artist more credible?

In the past, talent and skill were the only two elements that were necessary for the success of an artist. Unfortunately, this is no longer enough. Art critiques have a significant impact on the collector as they interpret the artist's work and offer an academic and intellectual perspective. Documents of Critical Analysis created by G&P are presented by the European Confederation of Art Critics and the Chianciano Art Museum, whose collections were hailed as "impressive" by the New York Times.

Today, clients and collectors have two objectives; to buy quality art and to invest in a promising artist whose value/quotations will increase with time. It is therefore necessary to have several independent critiques that convey a sense of stature and importance, an impressive CV that communicates an artist's potential and a professional website that encompasses the achievements and successes of an artist. Furthermore, books and publications combined with the elements above are able to transmit reliability and justify a market price, ultimately contributing to the sale of an artwork.


* All art critiques are subject to approval by the critic.