Artist Somsak Chaituch

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Somsak Chaituch is an abstract and figurative expressionist artist that combines both eastern and western art. His eastern cultural origins and his western artistic upbringing are fused together creating a unique style with a wonderfully elegant and charming taste.

Somsak’s works are permeated with a sense of unfathomable depth conjured up directly from dreams. Continuous wave-like patterns created by curving ribbon forms, charge his hypnotic paintings with a swirling flow. Serpentine lines move rhythmically across the canvases creating a sinuous movement that mesmerises the viewer completely.

The bright and lively colours of Chaituch’s palette overlap but never intertwine. Each a defined plane within the pictorial space. The use of strong, warm, unblended colours has a powerful and joyous effect on the eye and makes his works immediately and intuitively comprehensible. No, complicated rationalisation is needed to understand what the senses have already interpreted and brought into the sphere of consciousness through pure emotional responses.

A juxtaposition of exuberance and composure characterise Somsak’s paintings. Large, but tamed, brushstrokes of colour paired with meticulous and careful details that ask for closer inspection. Paintings with many levels of observation that keep our attention constantly captured. A harmonious blossoming of vitality and freshness, a jubilation of the senses on a bed of serene peacefulness.  

The unique style of this talented artist remind us of masters such as Wilfredo Lam, Brice Marden, Frank Stella, Diego Rivera and even Van Gogh all fused together with Buddhist art, but it would still be reductive when considering Somsak Chaituch’s oeuvre.

The aesthetic beauty and significance of Chaituch’s art is astounding and the depth of emotions it suscitates is a journey we will never want to come back from.



Karen Lappon