Artist Srishti Bahl by Critic Timothy Warrington

Srishti Bahl Artist
Srishti Bahl is an exceptionally talented self taught contemporary artist based in India whose abstract expressionist style provokes an instant and primordial connection between the artist and the viewer. Bahl possesses a remarkably complex creative approach with each painting conceived over months, often years, resulting in unique and innately powerful representations of the artist’s mind.
Bahl can be referred to as a process painter due to the spontaneous nature of her style that often evolves over a prolonged period of time, allowing for intimate insight into the mind of the artist that is conveyed through experiments with mediums ranging from ink, acrylic, oil and other materials. In fact, the artworks often have an intricate narrative, telling a story long before they are fully completed and contain a wealth of life and expression accentuated through bold use of shape and form combined with intense colour. While her creative inspiration originates from within, there are some parallels with the more abstract inclinations of certain artists such as Jean Dubuffet and Willem de Kooning whose striking use of shape, texture and depth of colour share notable philosophical roots with Srishti Bahl.
Bahl’s ever changing approach of conceiving art is a factor that allows her to be immensely dynamic, her creativity radiates with the inherent liberty to express the dimensions of her being in a language of the soul that far surpasses written text or spoken word. Her paintings are all abstracted journeys through her subconscious composed by layering various textures and techniques that culminate in an utterly distinctive and captivating experience for the viewer.
On further analysis, each of Bahl’s artworks establishes an independent narrative and individually articulates an entirely unique perspective. Consequently, her most recent compositions display a divergent statement to that of her earlier works as  Bahl’s current collection is more subtle in its style and utilises a more refined colour palette, albeit such a development does not detract in the least from her methodology. Rather, the fantastic detail and sublime textures beneath the surfaces of the artworks, that she is so accomplished in augmenting, are simply exquisite. Bahl’s daring and unusual experiments in her artworks spectacularly exemplify her affinity with the medium through uninhibited explorations of her creative potential captured via her chosen materials with which she expertly creates works unbridled in their freedom of expression. Bahl contrasts various techniques in a single composition with a high level of sophistication allowing different textures to softly integrate yet, in the same instance, keeping the diverse dimensions wholly segregated thus executing impeccably distinctive uses of line and form in motifs that can be recognised throughout her body of work.
Bahl’s stunning use of line and form draws parallels between her work and that of Arshile Gorky and Conrad Marca-Relli in her academic portrayal of meandering shapes to lead viewers’ eyes across the canvas, allowing them to absorb the fullness of the artwork and experience the raw emotion of the masterpiece. Intertwining shapes and lines flawlessly connect each element within her vibrant creations, adeptly communicating a sense of visual understanding to the viewer.
Observing the method Srishti Bahl utilises in her layering effect throughout her work, connections can also be made to abstract expressionist artist Clyfford Still. They both adopt striking, viceral colours that stimulate the viewer through their wonderfully bold juxtapositions. Bahl’s technique allows her to physically layer the different elements of her work creating a tactile surface, suggesting the influence of Still, whose process rather uses paint to give the illusion of layering.
By creating such a direct link to the artist’s mind, Bahl eloquently translates her immense skill and intellectual imagination through adept use of rich materials.  Her art is an explosion of movement and is energised by vivid shape and colour, combined with a myriad of stunning textures. Her phenomenal application of paint crosses the boundaries of a multitude of techniques with ease in a single composition, creating a visual feast with endless details and dimensions to ponder.
Srishti Bahl’s artworks contain a tremendous energy, through which she has the magnificent ability to inspire her audience while forming a powerful bond between art and viewer. Her creations have significant depth and soul, bringing essential meaning and passion to her art. She incorporates artistic concepts through profound compositions and is indeed a wholly innovative and immensely talented artist with notably refined artistic capabilities.