Artist Ulla Wobst

Ulla Wobst Artist Art Critique

The Critique



Ulla Wobst's paintings tell stories. Stories that our mind is called to interpret with pressing insistence. A narrative of messages originating from her subconscious and from her surrounding experiences. Some of her works, for example, tell of literary or mythological characters that have a deep meaning to the artist and which she paints with a very personal, emotional and imaginative style. These thematics place Ulla among the protagonists of today's art scene.

Her main subject is the human being, with its intrinsic mystery and the great unanswered themes that surround it. In her interpretation of the figure one can see the full range of the artist's feelings: joy, love, anguish, solitude. The viewer sees his own multifaceted emotions represented in her works. Her art penetrates our soul, sometimes caressing it, others, persecuting it.


Ulla's style reminds us of the great masters of Surrealism, but there is also a clear connection to De Chirico's Pittura Metafisica, where the empty spaces between the elements of the composition and the sharp contrast between light and shadow lend an aura of mystery to her paintings and enable us to savour each detail of her vision, always embedded in fantastic backgrounds.    

Technically, Ulla uses a varied range of means: watercolours, acrylics, pastels, oil and mixed media on paper or canvas. A lot depends on the mood and sensitivity of the moment, on what she intends to transmit to the viewer, not only from the point of view of the composition, but also from her feelings. In this way, through the marvellous use of different techniques, she manages to differentiate her art and become a complete artist, always ready to experiment, open to new emotions that not only transport the viewer, but capture him silently from the dark folds of the shadows. In the same way it enables her to convey her style in a less formal or traditional manner.

In her works we often find that each figure is enclosed in a distinct geometric shape, full of colour and contrast, to highlight the movement and narrative of the subjects that express an independent life of their own, inside the greater picture that is the composition in its entirety. An extremely intense and vivid experience where poetry and art fuse together with sentiments and consistency.

Wobst's paintings transmit a matter of fact tranquillity, but also inquietude. One can immediately denote that Ulla has a deep knowledge of the human being, she penetrates the thoughts, the subconscious mind and transmits messages that one had no knowledge of. Her works help to better comprehend long forgotten emotions, sensations and dimensions. One is deeply enthralled by the elucidation of her reality. She guides the viewer on a journey through her choice and interpretation of the subject, so that he not only experiences the visual effect of her art, but also, the almost tactile presence of her being. The dynamic complexity that transpires through her canvases is finely filtered through her intellectual and psychological sensitivity and depth.



Christopher Rosewood