Artist Viktor Majdanzic

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Viktor Majdandzic is an astounding abstract expressionist painter whose work goes beyond the sphere of visual art itself. In fact, his unique and bold geometric structures are embedded in biological and geological analogues.


He translates the mathematical code of nature to paint canvases that are a dreamlike juxtaposition of geometrical precision and beguiling sensual curves. The strikingly vibrant colours intensify the astonishing visceral impact of the work’s biological underpinnings.


The interplay of various circles, curves and lines is enhanced by multicoloured shadows which contribute to the effective play of the lines that appear to extend beyond the canvases. In his emphasis on colour and form, Viktor increases perspective and reminds us of avant-garde artist Lyubov Popova and her Cubo-futurism. The emotional effects of colour and the balance and natural harmony of the lines, together with the overlapping shapes, create a rhythmic pattern and a sense of speed and space typical of German Expressionist masters like Paul Klee and Lyonel Feininger.


The structural flow, the natural precision and the organic symmetry of Viktor’s compositions are set in motion by a potent and striking energy that originates from the artist’s creativity and study of the mysteries of nature and the universe. Viktor observes, deciphers and elaborates the world that surrounds us in order to propose it to us in his sublime oeuvre.

An artist whose great talent is overwhelming and intriguing beyond discussion. Observing his works is like a journey to the origins of life itself, like participating in the magic of creation, like the ultimate answer to the existential questions we ask ourselves. Astonishingly enlightening.



Karen Lappon

Art Critic