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Jose Van Roy Dali website by ICAC


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Searching for an artist's name on the internet is the first action that an art gallery or a potential client will take. What is found during this search will therefore strongly influence the potential buyer or agent.
First impression is vital and a person searching for an artist's name must immediately find the official website. The site must not only be professional, but the contents must be carefully studied within the context of the art in order to allow for an effective and efficient portrayal of an artist and his/her work. In order to attract and stimulate the interest of the target audience, an artist's websire must be both cleverly design as well as look professional and prestigious.
There are many forms of promotion for an artist, but they all tend to lead people in the same direction - the internet. An artist can work very hard to increase the exposure of his work by organising exhibitions, taking part in international group shows and by contacting galleries, but if an artist does not have an exceptional website, much of the energy and momentum will be lost.

Online Editorials

An attractive and effective official website is very important but how an artist "shows up" on Google in general is also of great relevance. Clients, galleries and people curious in an artist's work must find several websites that talk about their art, journey and career so that the status and stature of the artist is reinforced. This is why, as part of the service, we also publish articles on third party websites about artists with the aim to make an impact on Google's first page of search.

Timing & information

  • Websites are usually ready within 3 weeks