Artist Zhihong Wei

Zhihong Wei Artist Art CritiqueThe Critique




Zhihong Wei is a very talented expressionist artist who spaces from figurative to abstract painting with an equally incandescent emotional impact.


His more figurative works are characterised by a strong chiaroscuro made from distinctive analogous and complementary colours. Zhihong scrutinises every inch of the body, rendering each mark and blemish that remind us of Lucian Freud’s models. Thick brushstrokes animate the surface of his paintings. The excited colouring gives an air of vivacity and intensity to the subjects. The highly charged brushwork and movement are reminiscent of Chaim Soutine.

Captivating figures that create a sensory experience involving a deep emotional participation. The strength and power that exude from these artworks require an active and engaging response that the viewer cannot ignore. The mystical beauty of Wei’s figurative paintings is overwhelming.

Zhihong’s abstract works are composed by the geometrical fragmentation of the composition, disclosing and hiding the subjects at the same time. Strong colours highlight the passion and impressive communicative impetus this artist nurtures and transposes onto his canvases. Potent, unblended colours impress the viewer with an instinctively primal reaction, hypnotising his attention until the true form and significance of the paintings is discovered.

Red is a constant on Wei’s palette, the use of which is extensive and very evocative, especially in his almost monochromatic paintings that  awaken our physical life force and excite our emotions motivativating us to take an active role in the interaction between painter and viewer.

If Expressionism addresses the theme of human impulse and desire and Neo-expressionism is highly personal and executed with passionate fervour, Zhihong Wei is a truly worthy heir of both these important movements in the history of art.



Karen Lappon