Iuliia Bodnarchuk and the language of art, Critic Timothy Warrington

Iuliia Bodnarchuk Artist Art CritiqueIf one were able to personify the meaning of art, Iuliia Bodnarchuk, would be a perfect candidate. Art is within her, art is her companion and will continue to be her soulmate for the rest of her life. Through the moments of joy and times of sadness, what makes Iuliia a true artist is her ability to use art as the language for her emotions, a translation of feeling into an expressive force for which words would not suffice. In fact, Bodnarchuk’s passionate and transmissive energy wonderfully echoes the eloquent words of Edgar Degas, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”
The viewer is engaged with an atmosphere rich with meaning. We encounter the manifestation of the artist’s subconscious mind and meet the anonymous figures that reside in her intellect, figures with no faces and no sound. In essence, these paintings transmit a strong sense of silence, people in the same place, but in different universes, figures seemingly distant from one another, but bonded in spirit. 
In her painting “Perfect Love,” the lovers are unable to speak, nor can they see and the spectator momentarily shares this reality; a juxtaposition of a tragic past and an uncertain future. In other compositions, however, we are faced with subtle optimism embodied by flowers and nature, graceful petals at peace with the world and their surroundings, albeit overshadowed by sadness, and constantly immersed in the magical mystery conveyed by Iuliia’s mind.
From an art history perspective, there are strong elements of expressionism, but what is apparent is that Bodnarchuk is an artist that is in constant evolution. 
This transformation is based on the intensity of feeling, fervently captured on canvas in an explosion of the artist’s soul. Yet the explosion is not uncontrolled, rather we witness a contained and articulated expression of the artist’s thoughts. We are constantly challenged with a window into a an unknown and secret world and left without the key as the story unfolds in our minds and imagination. In fact, there are infinite keys that lead to thousands of realities, each time we observe a piece.
Bodnarchuk is a very talented artist and her work sheds light on many elements related to humanity, love and relationships. She is an artist that tells a story with her heart, in a beautiful language without words, a manifestation of the creative fire and determined spirit that forms her as a person and an artist.
Timothy Warrington
Artwork featured: "Almost two years" by Iuliia Bodnarchuk