Caroline Boff - Critique by Timothy Warrington

Caroline Boff - Art CritiqueA controlled explosion of enamoring vitality combined with an innately stimulating ethereal relationship with expressive colours, Caroline Boff’s pictorial conceptions herald a powerfully direct connection to the artist’s profound emotions and intimate experiences that are subtly shared with the viewer catalysed by the joyful energy encompassed in her art.
Originating from a personal and passionate drive to explore the definitions of an idyllic paradise, Boff’s extensive travels and complex spiritual journey provide the artist with infinite potential for creative inspiration. Boff eloquently utilises an array of surfaces for her art varying from canvas and paper to wood and board in order to discover innovative methods through which to communicate her philosophical ideals. The distinctive approach to her artistic process results in a body of work that spans across multiple styles from abstract impressionism, pop art, abstract expressionism and post impressionism to aspects of optical art. Each of Boff’s works represent a particular period of her life and translates her intrinsic outlook to the viewer with every brushstroke.
Boff has a poetic and affectionate affinity for animals that is frequently referenced within her artworks conveyed with bright and effervescent colours reflecting exotic wildlife. This love for the natural world enables comparisons between her works with that of Henri Rousseau and Franz Marc. Rousseau’s expert use of line and form to portray the minute details of nature is a clear inspiration to Boff; the intricacies of each leaf are implied through their distinct and stylistic application of their mediums. Marc shares Boff’s expressionist approach to the subject and, by using strong shape to represent their figures in striking depictions while implementing vibrant palettes, both artists express deeper meanings in their works that provide a visual link between man and the organic world.
The intense hues in Boff’s artworks suggest an influence from Raoul Dufy, whose radiant use of colour allow for the execution of entirely uplifting works of art, which is reminiscent of the focus in Boff’s works to produce enjoyable and emotionally resonant pieces. The spontaneous execution of her artistic goals result in wonderous compositions that evoke a joyful sense in the viewer; each individual work allowing an insight into Boff’s passions and experiences as her art channels her voyage in search of happiness in an often bleak world. Similarities with the works of Dufy continue when looking at their depictions of water; both artists endeavour to depict a blissful nirvana that bestows an inherently meditative atmosphere to their works. The dramatic palette implemented by Boff also conjures comparisons with Frantisek Kupka that is attested by the arresting pigments and remarkable shape and form used by both artists to evoke a primordial response from the viewer. This captivating use of colour provides further symbolism for the observer to consider by forging a visual language that speaks of the artist’s singular adventures delicately shared through her artworks.
Observing the abstract expressionist style of Boff’s more conceptual works the viewer is compelled to consider the philosophical ideals of the artist thus enabling perceivable comparisons with the art of Sam Francis. Both artists create inherently emotive artworks from their own personal experience that unite with the viewer and radiate individuality. Within these abstract compositions it is possible for an attentive observer to detect forms and images, which often contain the suggestion of animals and flowers whilst retaining the sublime ability to allow the viewer to infer their own meanings.
Boff’s abstract conceptions also share indelible ideas with the work of Mikhail Larionov as she takes inspiration from his avant garde approach to his creations. Both Boff and Larionov augment captivating works of art through their strong use of gesture and intriguing hues. While there are are influences of Larionov in Boff’s work she retains an individual style; Larionov uses angular, harsh lines yet Boff takes a softer approach allowing the medium to flow easily from her and onto the canvas with a symbiotic attitude that suggests a connection with action painters such as Arshile Gorky.
By creating an inextricable link between the artist and her work, Boff’s paintings radiate with the essence of her personality. Certain aspects of Boff’s paintings induce a relaxed state of mind while others are energising and saturated with movement combining a stimulating array of elements. By painting from the artist’s own experiences, the viewer is permitted to share private moments of the artist’s life and the stunning spectacles which have inspired her. The range of artistic styles explored through Boff’s collections enable her to experiment with the most eloquent forms of expression for each distinct message she desires to convey to the viewer.