Chelle Destefano - The Critique

Chelle Destefano Artist Art CritiqueChelle Destefano’s artworks instantly generate an explosion of pure astonishment in the minds of the enraptured viewers, conveying unexpected emotions stimulated by cryptic plots and magical atmospheres. Destefano’s ceaseless imagination is revealed in each overwhelming intricacy of contrasting colours, inscrutable characters and fascinating scenes.
This Australian artist transmits her energetic creative consciousness by virtue of theatrical mazes of pure storytelling as the viewer is catapulted into an introspective and extravagant world beyond the bounds of the conscious control of reason and convention. Subsequently, once submerged by this mysterious aura, the spectator can intensely share Destefano’s spontaneous perception, uncorrupted by interpretative approaches.
The artist’s creative journey expresses such ethereal qualities that each creation emanates genuine emotions and pleasant contradictions, intensified by her excellent technique and balanced compositions. In fact, Destefano’s refined skills electrify the depicted tangle of uncommon personalities, magical settings and fairytale scenarios, conveying an authentic expressive freedom that reminds us of a mature Surrealism in subject, as well as an enigmatic Symbolism in execution. Regardless of the candidness and originality in her dream-like atmospheres, Destefano’s roots can be traced in the poetic masterpieces by Charles Baudelaire, Arthur Rimbaud and Lautréamont.
Indeed, she is able to establish an unbreakable bond between existential questions and childhood dreamscapes. The observers’ innermost subconscious becomes a means to unlock the power of imagination and Destefano’s paintings catalyse the reaction in which the level of palpable everyday life prompts us to redefine our profound perception of reality. Exotic moons, impossible Venetian views, and vibrant funfairs combined with Masonic symbolisms, Egyptian frescos and disquieting doll houses: Destefano magnificently blends unexpected objects within unpredictable landscapes, realising absurd collages of avant-garde and elusive metaphors.
As Joan Miró stated: “I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music”, so Chelle Destefano’s artworks give life to a wonderful orchestra of shades, sounds and remote flavours that stimulate and unleash the innate and quiescent imagination imprisoned in our souls.
Timothy Warrington
International Confederation of Art Critics