Christopher Rosewood - Art Critic

Christopher Rosewood was born in Hastings in 1952 and is a critical writer and curator based in London.

Rosewood is the creator of the book "Figures; from Realism to Abstraction" that elegantly describes the interiors of the Victoria and Albert Museum, the permanent collections and the artworks of great contemporary artists such as Tom Nash and Jin Cheng Liu. The exhibition was presented at the Victoria and Albert Museum and was well received by the public and the critics. This important publication is a testament to the difficult task of selecting the artists and hosting the exhibition.

Christopher also selected important works by Frances Turner presented at Museo del Chopo in Mexico. These works were published by the Museum in an important publication during this solo show.

A noteworthy quote by Rosewood is "Always with the artist." He has a huge admiration for artists who he believes are people that often work in solitude, who create and who send their message to the world, a message that is often related to their feelings -. whether in a still life or a artwork depicting social issues or an abstract that allows the viewer to have a totally personal interpretation of the artwork.

Christopher is not only an art critic of contemporary art but is also well known his research on Renaissance artists. Christopher contributed to important writings on Palma the Younger, the artist that finished Tiziano's "Pietà" after his death, as well as his studies on Durer, Rembrandt and Rubens.

Rosewood was a great friend of Bill Hopkins of the International Association of Art critics with which he participated in research on the various aesthetic expressions linked to art and the philosophy of form.