Annarita Graziano - an artist to look out for

 Annarita Graziano Artist Art Critique

Lively brush strokes, warm and vibrant colors, vivacious lines, shapes and texture transmit energy and captivate the viewer’s gaze. Annarita Graziano’s talent is evident and immediately recognizable. With simple lines the artist creates depth and movement, intriguing the spectator in her own very personal and charming manner.

The artist’s abstract but expressionist style fascinates art devotees. Despite strong emotions, which are conveyed in energetic movement enforced by cheerful color pallets, Annarita leaves wide space for interpretation. You might find yourself trapped in intense Bordeaux, reflecting on deep thoughts, dreams and aspirations while light greens, whites and yellows twisted by thin and flamboyant brushstrokes might enlighten you and set you apart from a dull and tiresome surrounding. Colors are highly linked to emotions and put in different shapes and forms open for interpretation of any kind.

Annarita Graziano Artist Art Critique




The artist’s choice of material, subject and technique is stupendous. Annarita Graziano creates outstanding abstract masterpieces, which make the intangible, tangible. Depending on a viewer’s experience, mood or education, the feeling conveyed by the artwork will alter. Yet an emotional bond between him and the artwork will evolve in a wide cosmos of very subjective and biased interpretation, which adds an element of excitement and fun to Annarita’s abstracts.

Victoria Ludwig