Meir Salomon vs Fire, Art vs Nature

Meir Salomon Artist Art CritiqueIt is impossible to confuse Meir Salomon with any of his contemporaries. He has exceptional ability to gather a great deal of power and strength in artworks that are innately delicate and graceful. The contrast between impact, intrigue and thought is the major element that allows his art to distinguish itself in today's art world.

Meir Salomon is well known for his “Fire and Water” drawings. Incredible as it may sound, this line of work is created from these two elements applied to paper and requires a huge amount of research in relation to technique as well as material.

Similar works have been selected for countless exhibitions, as well as the London Biennale, and what is apparent is that a drawing of this type requires a huge amount of attention and concentration from the viewer. It is also true that such a work requires a lot of thought and contemplation.

The first impression of such a work is that it is very delicate, the colours are soft and therefore it is pleasing and engaging. As the seconds pass with your eyes scanning the intricate details of the artwork, the drawing comes to life.

Meir Salomon

You begin to see the controlled frustration of the fire that has disfigured the paper with its heat while being held at bay by the artist. Then you see the graceful shapes, curves and colours caused by the water. These works are a test of a viewer's ability to see what is hidden behind the excellent and poetic composition that the artist never fails to create. Meir Salomon uses beauty as a means of attraction but only to stimulate one's thoughts in an unexpected use of nature - artworks that contain both the power of fire and the fluidity of water.

Meir Salomon art has no borders and has been selected for exhibitions all around Europe, in galleries and institutions alike. Salomon is a great talent and a great thinker.

Christopher Rosewood