Fausto Roma - The Critique

Fausto Roma Artist Art CritiqueFausto Roma is a very intriguing and talented Italian painter and sculptor. The importance he gives to symbols, or more specifically, the symbolic meaning of signs, is so relevant that together with a bird’s-eye view of particularly significant corners of the earth, turn his paintings into Fauve/ Expressionist ‘mappae mundi’.
A map is a symbolic depiction emphasising relationships between elements of some space such as objects, regions or themes. Roma overturns the canons of cartography that merely show features of the land, and reveals the primal intrinsic nature, the very soul, of the territories he chooses to paint.
Roma’s paintings are seemingly abstract compositions, but on a closer inspection we notice sections of the printed canvas that emerge from the artworks. Elements of reality blended with sensory perception, a pictorial ‘periphrasis’ of geographical landmarks that reflect the artist’s own sensitivities and view of the world.
There is a sense of mystery, of primeval forcefulness in Roma’s paintings, enhanced by the intentionally limited yet vibrant colour-range of the artist’s palette. Glowing, sensuous and intense colours brightly capture the viewer’s attention. Bold, thick black contours outline areas of rich colour, reminiscent of Derain and Fauvism, and evoke powerful emotions of sensuality.
Fausto leads us on a beautiful adventure that begins the moment we are faced with the panoramic views represented on his canvases. We are confronted with a fantastical topography seen from above, and before we realise it we are overwhelmed by the desire to be part of that territory. We want to plunge to earth with a parachute and be engulfed in the ancient, primitive and luxuriant soul of the landscape. Or maybe the archetypal and raw energy that beckons to our primitive instincts defining the landscape of our souls?
Saint Augustine said: “Who can map out the various forces at play in one soul?” If anyone can answer this question with cause and cognition it is certainly Fausto Roma with his outstandingly brilliant talent.
Karen Lappon 
International Confederation of Art Critics