Ganga Duleep critique by Timothy Warrington

ganga duleep art artist critique timothy warringtonAbundant with vibrant colour, Ganga Duleep’s expressionist style is captivating in its innate ability to translate the soul and ambience of an environment in every evocative composition. Whilst residing in New York, the borough of Manhattan has become the artist’s primary source of inspiration; indeed, she impeccably captures the bustling city through a sophisticated application of mixed mediums. The palpable aura that Duleep communicates through vigorous shades and form share compelling elements with Joseph Stella and Robert Delaunay in their motivation to immortalise the dynamism of their surroundings in stimulating and passionate works of art. Duleep’s tender affinity with her materials enables her to channel her intrinsic creativity via an astute ability to awaken tangible emotions and vitality throughout her oeuvre.
Duleep’s innovative technique, which is distinct in its overt use of line and saturated with exuberant colours, accurately evokes the indefatigable rush of city life. Her inventive method incorporates many layers of thick paint that, when combined, reveal a myriad of intertwined hues coalescing with one another. Her neoteric approach to shade and texture suggests a visual connection with urban graffiti artists such as MadC and JonOne; the essence of a metropolitan lifestyle is visceral in the philosophical ideals of these artists and clearly transmitted through their work. Duleep often explores and manipulates this layered effect to give the illusion of bright lights and the reflections of the city, which creates an intense sense of depth and intrigue as the painting transcends the boundaries of space and winding passages convolute to entrench a sense of inner city chaos. Her skilled depiction of city life brings to mind the art of André Derain, who shares Duleep’s academic capability to transport the viewer into the midst of a busy scene.
The bold hues in Duleep’s works suggest inspiration from the vivid palettes of Henri Matisse, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, and the Expressionist movement in general, as these artists similarly favour striking and effervescent colours to entice the viewer with arrestingly luminous tones. The dramatic tones in Duleep’s pieces enhance the depiction of the Manhattan cityscape; the blinding lights are effortlessly transposed by the artist through her individual and effective technique that she executes with aplomb.
Duleep’s water scenes, on the other hand, radiate a remarkably peaceful sense of tranquility; the reflections and movement of the water are impeccably portrayed through her eloquent use of gesture and create a deeply calming atmosphere. While the scene is serene, the viewer’s attention is drawn to the wealth of life lingering just below the surface of the water. The careful attention given to these intricate details is breathtaking; the enthralling reflections suggest mysterious organisms residing in the world underwater as well as the organic reeds and plants thriving on the shores whilst the artist’s use of colour suggests an influence of Claude Monet and encourages the viewer to take a closer look at the work in order to discover the unknown world hidden beneath the waves.
In her abstract collection, Duleep’s perfervid inspiration from the sea and city life are demonstrated in explosions of colour and line, reminiscent of Wassily Kandinsky’s works. The complex integration of profound hues and shapes are perfectly balanced and, to an attentive viewer, hidden figures can be found within. Duleep expertly augments sublime textures that divulge limitless new facets to be pondered in each complex and detailed composition. It is possible to detect a strong influence of the natural elements in this collection which proffer a multitude of narratives and enable each individual viewer to independently find a personal meaning or story that has been communicated by the artist.
Duleep has an exceptional imagination and an innovative approach to her art, through which she gracefully connects to the viewer. Duleep has a fantastic ability to capture the core defining essence of an atmosphere and translate it through her mediums into a universally comprehended language that articulates the artist’s ardour for her inspirations with sophisticated nuance.