Giancarlo Scarsi

The Critique
Giancarlo Scarsi is a unique figurative painter whose expressivity is a blend of many inspirational sources elaborated, condensed and reproposed through the artist’s rare sensitivity. This exclusive trait won him the International Confederation of Art Critics Award at the Chianciano Biennale 2015. The same year Scarsi obtained an Honourable Mention at the London Biennale. This outstanding artist has exhibited in the Florence Biennale 2013 and presented his work in Paris, Vienna, Venice, Milan, Izmir and London to name but a few.
Scarsi's highly ordered canvases, in which the formal elements are carefully balanced to create a sense of freedom and calm, are restricted and simplified as if to present us with only the essence of the scene reminiscent of Hodler, Spilliaert, Wadsworth in his way of transposing ideas and states of mind with pale serenity and a feeling of otherworldliness.
The extraordinarily ethereal lines are examples of delicacy, transparency and weightlessness that convey a sense of infinity; while the crisply painted backgrounds are remindful of Charles Sheeler’s precisionist, pristine and static compositions. The rigid compositional structure and architectural value can be reconducted to De Chirico’s Pittura Metafisica albeit with a completely diverse significance and emotional response. Scarsi’s art is definitely full of more or less underlying symbolism expressed in a dreamlike manner, but with a serene, childlike and joyful feature that is most compelling.

Despite the apparent simplicity of Scarsi’s paintings, the gentle and soft lines evoke an almost sculptural quality that remind us of Brancusi and Gaudier-Brzeska who reduced figures to their most simplified forms.

Giancarlo’s figures, especially in his most recent works, are assembled in bold relief against minimalist backgrounds. Eschewing all surface decorations, nothing but form remains so that the imaginative aspect of these fantastic stylised creations elicit an elemental power, a primordial vitality and an  intellectual pleasure that enthrall the viewer from the very start. 
“Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength” and Scarsi’s art is the visual translation of these eternal words by Saint Francis de Sales.
Karen Lappon 
International Confederation of Art Critics
Left: The Mayor of Kensigton and Chelsea, Councillor Mrs Maighread Condon-Simmonds, with Giancarlo Scarsi.
Right: "Friends" oil on canvas by Giancarlo Scarsi