Henri Senders - The Critique

Henri Senders Artist Art CritiqueHenri Senders is an incredibly talented artist whose creative passion is expressed in remarkable shots that resemble pure representations of a visionary dreamer. His inspiration often derives from an underworld of subconscious thoughts and deep reflections on the intimate personalities of his subjects through photography. In fact, this artist intensely investigates the inner emotions of each immortalised figure, representing them as a poetic series of images that take the viewer back to an unexpected past by combining ancient beauty with mysterious shadows and perfect angles.
Each photograph has the ability to inspire a pure aura of antique desires, paralleled with a modern maze of infinite interpretations. Sensual, appealing and mysterious glances are juxtaposed with enigmatic perspectives, enveloped by a magical haze that creates an intriguing atmosphere. Senders’ artworks reach a mystical appearance, saturated with rich connotations and unspoken words. His artworks are frequently restricted and minimalist, as if to present the viewer with the true essence of the subjects’ souls in their natural habitat of chiaroscuro and silent shades of grey conceived as a wonderful world of contrasts that evokes an authentic and untarnished sense of emotion and profound thought.
The spectator feels as though they are standing before a sheet of impenetrable glass blocking physical access to a forbidden place resembling a spiritual and parallel world deep within our imaginations. Through each photograph, Senders rescues the imprisoned personalities of his subjects, reaching a transcendental effect made of contrasting compositions that are both delicate and calm, vigorous and powerful. His smooth style of blending colours combined with his expertise in portraying evocative shades become fundamental factors in his artworks as they appear to be vibrating with a nebulous magical quality.
Senders’ skilled employment of the camera combined with his deep- rooted and innate sense of artistry result in highly unique creations. These profound works are suffused by an alluring ethereal glow, giving his artworks an oneiric quality that bears resemblance to the great Masters of Portrait Photography.
Timothy Warrington
International Confederation of Art Critics