Jeremy P. Lorek Critique

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Jeremy Lorek is an artist of great talent and an eloquent communicator of ideas who pursues knowledge and the answers to complex conundrums through his artworks. Intense symbolism and powerful use of shape strikes the viewer who is subsequently absorbed in the delicate but effective vibrations of his colour palette. Lorek’s work ventures on a timeless journey with roots in the glorious artistry of the Renaissance age while simultaneously radiating with a sense of the avant-garde, a process in which this artist gives life to a crucial conjunction between ancient wisdoms and modern execution.


The ability to conceive mystery is also a fundamental element in Lorek’s compositions and requires the observer to read, explore and interpret the subliminal messages in order to penetrate the meanings expertly shrouded with infinite intellectual and cultural references. Extraordinary skill and talent combined with a mature artistic personality gives Lorek the ability to translate aspects of a diverse and rich heritage of art history while drawing inspiration from an eclectic range of styles.


Classical and elegant compositions inspired by Leonardo da Vinci juxtaposed with the sublime and majestic grace reminiscent of Pre-Raphaelite philosophies are merged with potent iconography in Lorek’s work. Every brushstroke is saturated with implicit significance and explicit expressiveness that gradually absorbs the viewer’s attention on a deep and subconscious level. The mind is stimulated by a reticent form of painting that becomes the undeniable means in which Lorek conveys his unique message. The rational element is constantly present and is perfectly balanced with the allusive enigmas that explode from each figurative representation as we concurrently enjoy references to Mondrian’s geometric studies, the delicate faces by Piero della Francesca and the Caravaggio’s chiaroscuro.


The complex simplicity of Lorek’s work is a wonderful paradox that raises as many questions as it answers: mystical and enigmatic themes, gentle female profiles and contrasting shades of exquisite and precious textures allow us to understand the talent of this artist and his intriguing capacity of painting subjects that stimulate elements of our unconscious minds. There is an indisputable logic and structure to Lorek’s work albeit the undeniable evocative and expressive nature of the artworks. The compositions convey Lorek’s eclecticism, his intellectual imagination and his profound desire to embrace the depths of an ancient awareness that is alive in his soul. Lorek is an intricate painter that transcends a refined pictorial realism, communicating through a unique combination of inspirational sources resulting in an ingenious vision of an inherently timeless art.


Christopher Rosewood
International Confederation of Art Critics