Johanna Engdahl - The Critique

Johana Engdahl Artist Art CritiqueJohanna Engdahl’s artworks tell stories with cryptic plots that the spectator is called to investigate and interpret with crucial emotional enthusiasm. The viewer experiences a narrative of thoughts and inspirations, originating from her subconscious and reminiscent memories. By means of expressive abstracts, evocative architectural compositions or figurative representations of mysterious personalities, Engdahl often reveals a creative consciousness that resonates with the early works by Van Gogh, particularly with his efforts to objectify and legitimise his inner emotive tones and struggles. In accordance to this, Engdahl’s brushstrokes are majestically electrified by profound meanings, emotional introspection and imaginative stimuli, which she conveys in all of her artistic creations.
The intrinsic mystery of life and the great unanswered questions that surround the human being become Engdahl’s central themes and this leads to the spectator being totally involved and entranced by her vivid and dynamic maze of intriguing atmospheres. Love, solitude, hope and fear - the viewer perceives and experiences a highly intense range of sensations that permeate Engdahl’s distorted perceptions of reality. So forth, we can relive multifaceted emotions and remote memories evoked by Engdahl’s overwhelming creations. Her artworks capture the rational world, penetrating our soul and leave an indelible imprint. Stylistically speaking, the sharp contrast between light and shadow lend an aura of mysticism to her paintings and enable us to focus on each detail of her vision, always embedded in highly evocative surroundings.
On further inspection, Engdahl communicates her deepest thoughts and desires through various techniques such as dynamic brushstrokes that appear to swirl endlessly, whilst merging with delicate touches of pure shades. Engdahl’s artworks emit a supernatural harmony that encourage the viewer to discern forgotten dimensions of one’s mind. With each individual painting, the observer is deeply enthralled by the alluring clash of hues and the intense contrast of timeless themes. Engdahl accompanies the viewer on a journey through her profound artistic analysis and interpretation of avant-garde contradictions. The spectator not only experiences the visual impact of her paintings, but also becomes acquainted with the elusive philosophy totally intrinsic to her unique creative process.
Timothy Warrington
International Confederation of Art Critics